Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sermon Notes

Summary of sermon attended 8/31/2015 :

1) It is easy to appear externally good. We engage in external signs of piety and prayer, looking virtuous while hiding a heart and mind corrupted by sin. Rather than focus on correcting that sin, we point the finger at others. But this state of tension cannot last! You will eventually fall. Where your treasure is your heart will be also. No matter our visible appearances, we all are sinners. Christ offers the spiritual food to nourish the inner man, transforming our hearts and minds toward holiness.

2) How easy is it for us to by hypocrites! We love to point the finger at others. We get pleasure from their fall and their shame. But we are all sinner here, and we all engage in hypocrisy.

3) The media today and much of the younger generation gets more pleasure by destroying others for their sins rather than correcting them. They are hypocrites.

4) Why do so many people hate good Christians? Why does society (and the media in particular) hate these good people? These are good people. They hate them, they mock them, because they hate their desire to be good.

5) Live your life and direct your thoughts according to Church teachings. How can we claim to be Catholic without knowing and living the Church’s teachings? This is important for how we interact with non-Catholics. Live the life, or people will perceive you as a hypocrite. Know the teachings, or people will be perceive you as a hypocrite.

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